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We hope you enjoyed our webinar, and whether it was your first foray into rewilding, or you're a seasoned hand, we really hope that you learned something new - something that you can take into your future.

If you missed it, the key take aways were....

The natural world is facing an epic disaster!

It is inextricably linked to the climate and other earth systems that we rely on and that face collapse!

It is primarily caused by humanity and we don't have long to turn things around.

However, there is hope, because if we can understand how we caused this, we can understand how to solve it too.

And one of the best tools we have to do that, rewilding, is based on that understanding.

Rewilding involves giving nature a kick-start by re-establishing missing natural processes, then standing back and letting nature lead.

Those actions that really fire wildlife up, include planting and sowing native plants, rewetting and introducing water, removing inhibitions like chemicals and barriers, creating varied habitat mixes through herbivores or mimicry, reintroducing missing native species and joining habitats and sites together.

And in all this, please don't forget people. Access to nature can help alleviate depression and anxiety, it can bring wonder and hope, it can teach us new things. So think about how people and communities can benefit from any project you're involved in. And you and yours, please remember to reap these benefits for yourselves too.

So, what do you do now?

Well, as we see it, you have some options...

What can I do now?

Do nothing?

There is no obligation on you to do anything at all.

However, that's the position taken by most of our species, so chances are nothing will change. Biodiversity will keep plummeting in a flat-spin, ultimately taking us with it.

Have a go?

We would love you to contribute to our natural world following this.

i) Tell your family, mates and colleagues about how bad nature is doing, and explain what they can do to help.

ii) Better still, find out more, maybe by trying our Complete Guide to Rewilding online course. You will then be an expert.

iii) Best of all, have a go, in the garden, or whatever plot you have. A windowbox to a farm - it all counts!

Get some help?

Don't worry, if you need some guidance or want to feel part of a community - that's what we're here for.

We can support you, train you, mentor you, inspire you and invite you into our family.

We offer enriching and empowering programmes for all, catering for varied levels of support, and budget.

If you start rewilding and restoring your plot, you will reap so many benefits, for yourself and those around you.

You will start noticing nature more, appreciating its beauty and wonder. It will get you outside, benefiting your physical health. You will start to feel a greater connection to the seasons, wildlife and the land, supporting your mental health. You will create your own wild patch that will become your private bolthole from the stresses and strains of everyday life.

As biodiversity improves, you will contribute to the health of the local landscape and community, providing opportunities to connect with, educate and nurture those around you. What's more, you can have the deep, abiding sense of fulfilment that comes from creating a legacy for both the natural world, and for future generations.

You will start to notice others out to protect the planet, you will start to feel part of the omnipresent community of millions around the globe that want to do more than listen to how badly nature is doing, those that want to do something about it. And don't underestimate how starting on this path will bring you a new purpose in life. Even if you aren't searching for a solution to the mundanity of work, eat, sleep, repeat, almost without realising it, you'll get pulled out of bed by your love of nature; you may plan different holidays, your life goals may change...even Netflix may lose its hold!

Don't forget, if you want more; more ideas, more guidance, more hand-holding, more experiences, more friends and more inspiration, we'd love to welcome into one of our motivating support programmes. Just ask on your discovery call if you would like more details.

Wildbunch Programme

  • The Complete Guide to Rewilding online course

  • The WildBunch Network

  • The Rewilding Classroom

  • The Rootler news feed

  • Weekly Q&A session

Green Circle Programme

  • The Complete Guide to Rewilding online course

  • The WildBunch Network

  • The Rewilding Classroom

  • The Rootler news feed

  • Weekly Q&A session

  • Weekly Green Circle Webinar

  • Monthly Deep Nature guest speaker event

  • 6 1-2-1s with an expert

SuperNatural Programme

  • The Complete Guide to Rewilding online course

  • The WildBunch Network

  • The Rewilding Classroom

  • The Rootler news feed

  • Weekly Q&A session

  • Weekly Green Circle Webinar

  • Monthly Deep Nature guest speaker event

  • 12 1-2-1s with an expert

  • Green seasons quarterly excursion to a showcase restoration site

  • Full day meet-up, site assessment and oppportunity report

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