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Rewilding for a Sustainable Future

What is it? Why do we need it? And how do we do it?

Rewilding for a Sustainable Future Webinar

What is it?

We've all heard about rewilding; about nature restoration. But what actually is it? And while we're on the subject, what is nature? What are we trying to rebuild?

Why do we need it?

And why do we need to restore nature anyway? We've all heard about the biodiversity crisis, haven't we? But who understands how bad it really is? Do we know how we contribute to it?

How do we do it?

So what can we do to turn the biodiversity crisis around? What difference can each of us make individually? Where would we start? What do we need to know? Who could we ask for help? What actions can we take?

We invite you to find out more....

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To become part of the global movement to restore nature,

To leave a legacy for generations to come,

To create a sanctuary from the stresses of everyday life,

To find a new purpose in life

Who's Speaking?

This 80-90 minute presentation is brought to you by a conservation biologist of distinction

Richard Godbehere MSc

Rewilder, co-founder and Restoration Lead at A Call to ReWild

Richard discovered nature restoration, and specifically, rewilding, whilst working at Knepp Castle on his thesis for his masters degree. The results were so overwhelming, the return of nature so abundant and compelling, that he knew that this would be a keystone tool for widespread reversal of the loss of nature. In fact, he knew it was what we had been missing for the last fifty years.

Fuelled by this visionary discovery, and harnessing his experience of grassroots action with the Coast of Arran Seabed Trust, Richard, along with his wife, Jane, launched A Call to ReWild with the aim of driving global nature recovery.

By creating greater awareness of the need to restore nature, educating people on how they can make a difference, empowering them to be able to do so, and finally, helping them on that journey, we are on a mission to bring as many people as we can into the rewilding community.

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At A Call to ReWild we are determined to reverse the biodiversity crisis. To not only leave our home in a better state for our kids, than we found it, but to also empower nature to sustain itself once more, and support us, as it was always meant to.

So we are part of the millions worldwide, plotting a future that embraces both nature and humanity.

Our free webinars are key to spreading that word, so that everyone who values humanity, future generations, their children or just their own skin, understands that, whether they love nature, hate it or don't care, protecting it is the only key to our collective survival.

But that is just a small part of our work. For those that are desperate to do something more, or those paralysed by ecoanxiety, or those unsure of how they can make a difference, we can help you. We educate with our online nature restoration resources, we guide and mentor via webinars, site visits and 1-2-1s, we support people through their online community and we inspire people through great experiences. All to convert your interest and passion into tangible benefits for both yourself, and the natural world.

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